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Welcome to UAH

Welcome to UAH, a place for artists and hand made crafters to meet and sell their works far and wide.
From our gallery in Ulverston we host many exhibitions throughout the year.

We will promise to uplift your spirits through the visual expression of art and photography.

Become a vendor and sell your works directly from our website with our new multi vendor platform.

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Monday - Saturday 10:00 - 5:00 24A Cavendish Street, Ulverston, Cumbria. LA12 7AD 0736 6606 218

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Face Painting by Teresa Teran

Face painting for events & parties.

Teresa is a local artist who graduated in fine art at Middlesex University, London. She is a member and co-founder of Ulverston Art House.

Contact tel: 07737 495 735

For kids & Adults.

Photos from Retro Rendevous Festival, Ulverston September 4-6 2021

Movie Night

Friday nights from 7pm. Bring a bottle.

Suggested donation £3

Drink & Draw

Join us Thursday evening from 7:30pm. Bring your favourite tipple and your prefered medium from pencil to oils if you wish.

Suggested donations of £3 to cover cost of room.

Emotional Freedom Therapy Workshop

Payment by donation. Come along and join us in liberating our fear.

At these times of plandemic, where Government is out of control and when our instincts of fight and flight are being tested, it is good to know that we can count on our community to find support and resources to free ourselves of unnecessary feelings of fear and despondency. Anita Spillane is part of the Freedom Network Community in Cumbria and a qualified EFT practitioner. She will be giving a workshop on the Tapping Technique at the Ulverston Art House next Friday 21st of May 7.00 to 8.30 pm with 30 minutes after to share ideas and concerns. The Ulverston Art House is an art gallery and community space available for art exhibitions, workshops, and courses amongst other services., Lightburn House, Brogden st, Ulverston, Cumbria –

Large Acrylic Abstract

Bids are invited for this 5ft x 4ft large abstract acrylic painting on canvas by Lynne Warburton, a Grange-over-Sands based artist. Bidding should start in the region of £250

The painting has a 3 dimensional aspect to some of the intrinsic details as can be seen in the video below.


COMMON LAW PRESENTATION – FREE TO ATTEND Donations welcomed to cover speakers travel expenses
DATE: Thursday OCTOBER 29th 2020 TIME: 19.00 VENUE: Ulverston Art House, Lightburn House, Brogden Street, Ulverston, Cumbria. (Entrance is at the rear of the building)
In these difficult and rapidly changing circumstances why not attend and educate yourself on ‘Common Law’? The universal law under which we all stand. 
It will help you to understand: Who you really are at law and who you are not. How Governments only pretend to be in control. Where the fear of authority comes from. Strategies for combating this fear using knowledge of law and how to apply them on the streets. How to engage with the Police and Marshall’s under Common Law. A vital insight into what may be behind the current global situation.

Paint/Print a Mug

It is easy to be an Artist and turn your creative ideas into lasting gifts or souvenirs with our paint a mug facility. Paint your design, add photos if you wish then we scan your artwork turning it into a digital transfer which is dye sublimated onto the mug for a permanent dishwasher safe finished piece
that you can treasure forever, or give as a unique gift.

Exhibition Lockdown

Let us examine the situation through art. This period has to be the most thought provoking in human history.

As mask wearing obedience grips the world, what do we say as artists and thinkers? Could this be the most enlightening exhibition ever….

Now Open

We have made some exciting new changes to the layout of our studio gallery and have included a small tea room where you can enjoy a beverage and a choice of cake with the best view of Ulverston overlooking the Hoad monument.

We wish to start things off again with a new exhibition of artists work during and featuring their experiences of the ‘lockdown’. If you would like to contribute a piece then please get in touch. We have not set a final date for the exhibition as of yet but it will be at some time in July. Update, the exhibition will begin as we open on Monday. It will be a rolling exhibition until the end of August.

Keep checking back here as things are changing rapidly and new information will be posted.

We look forward to seeing all of our friends and supporters soon. Thank you all.

Evening classes at UAH

Ulverston Art House is running evening workshops for artists looking to improve their artistic skills. From novice to expert you can join our growing community to advance and expand in our vibrant art space.

Life Drawing

In April there will be the opportunity to join a life drawing group on Thursday evenings. Life drawings offer a unique chance of developing your drawing skills like no other method can. Those who do attend regular life drawing sessions tend to be the ones who become far more skilled as artists as they hone their visual observations into 2D draft. email

Christmas festival of light

Working with light for our winter solstice celebrations.

Wendy Steel Exhibition

We are currently running an exhibition for a local artist Wendy Steel. Who’s inspiration is ‘feelings’, she starts with a feeling and then paints with instinctual freedom. The resulting art work is of an expressionist abstract with familiarity in some detail and a pleasing colour palet.

11:11 Ulverston Art House remembers.

A dedicated exhibition to remember those who sacrificed everything to provide liberty.

A group of diverse artists and photographers have assembled some thought provoking images on the theme of war and remembering the cost of conflict.

It is a time to embrace the significance of history as we look to the future.

Let us not march blindly into the night.

November 11th

Artist & Young Artist of the month October

This month we are featuring the works of Teresa Teran and Aidan Fort.

Opening times are Thursday to Saturday 10am – 5pm.

We also have a selection of ceramics from Tarnside Ceramics and contributions from Sheila Gayle and Susan Bently.

This week’s Exhibition

All About Us.

We return this week to our own works as four resident artists, while also show casing local artists.

Our local artists for this exhibition includes Susan Bentley an amazing talent who captures wildlife with a charm and paints with a graceful elegance which is an absolute delight to see. Her works alone are well worth a visit.

Sheila Gayle is exhibiting her new series of paintings titled ‘Northern Nan’s’, which portray the intrinsic characteristics of three familiar ladies.

We have retained two significant paintings from Christopher Stones exhibition for a limited time to give people an opportunity to see seminal works of a local master. Truly an honour.

We are open 10am to 5pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Ulverston Mayor on Opening night.

Special Opening Night. Friday 23rd August

Ulverston Art House opening night was a huge success. We were honoured to receive Mayor Sharon Webster sporting a Picasso dress for the occasion.

left David Green, right Adrian Gough, co founders of Ulverston Art House, centre Mayor Sharon Webster

Thanks to the many people who turned up. Everyone who came offered tremendous support and appreciation for what we are aiming to achieve. The future looks amazing and the opportunities to unite artists as well as discover new artists is what we are all about.

Thank you, that was a great start.

Treasures of Ulverston

Due to massive demand we have decided to extend this wonderful exhibition until Sunday 8th September to give more people the chance to view these remarkable works.

We will be exhibiting a selection of Christopher’s works based primarily on two collections, ‘burnt olives’ and ‘unique landscapes’ where paintings will be available for sale.

There will also be available limited edition signed posters printed onto 180gsm A1 matte stock.

Gallery 68

Ulverston Art House would like to bring your attention to a fantastic gallery recently opened in Ulverston.

Gallery 68 is a gem of appreciative splendour compacted into a little treasure trove, an illusion where small is enormous. From opening the door into this tiny boutique, the magnificence of visual offerings expand like a magic spell that must be seen to be believed.

Tina Balmer, who splashes her elegant charisma to match her vibrant paintings is a delight to meet. The very much loved town of Ulverston has become ever more blessed with the addition of Gallery 68.

Ulverston Art House

Calling all artists.

We are a small group of local artists looking to provide affordable studio space for all disiplines within the Ulverston area.

Our first task is to identify a suitable premises with the flexibility we require.

If you are an artist looking for studio space then please register your interest by using the contact form.