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Welcome to UAH

Welcome to UAH, a place for artists and hand made crafters to meet and sell their works far and wide.
From our gallery in Ulverston we host many exhibitions throughout the year.

We will promise to uplift your spirits through the visual expression of art and photography.

Become a vendor and sell your works directly from our website with our new multi vendor platform.

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Monday - Saturday 10:00 - 5:00 24A Cavendish Street, Ulverston, Cumbria. LA12 7AD 0736 6606 218

Author: David

Face Painting by Teresa Teran

Face painting for events & parties.

Teresa is a local artist who graduated in fine art at Middlesex University, London. She is a member and co-founder of Ulverston Art House.

Contact tel: 07737 495 735

For kids & Adults.

Photos from Retro Rendevous Festival, Ulverston September 4-6 2021

Movie Night

Friday nights from 7pm. Bring a bottle.

Suggested donation £3

Drink & Draw

Join us Thursday evening from 7:30pm. Bring your favourite tipple and your prefered medium from pencil to oils if you wish.

Suggested donations of £3 to cover cost of room.

Emotional Freedom Therapy Workshop

Payment by donation. Come along and join us in liberating our fear.

At these times of plandemic, where Government is out of control and when our instincts of fight and flight are being tested, it is good to know that we can count on our community to find support and resources to free ourselves of unnecessary feelings of fear and despondency. Anita Spillane is part of the Freedom Network Community in Cumbria and a qualified EFT practitioner. She will be giving a workshop on the Tapping Technique at the Ulverston Art House next Friday 21st of May 7.00 to 8.30 pm with 30 minutes after to share ideas and concerns. The Ulverston Art House is an art gallery and community space available for art exhibitions, workshops, and courses amongst other services., Lightburn House, Brogden st, Ulverston, Cumbria –

Positive Spirals

Grant Leonard Aspinall is a local artist who made his name as a session drummer. His paintings and poems are emotional landscapes of his creative endeavours as a multi talented artist.
Ulverston Art House is proud to present Positive Spirals, a collection of Grant’s art work.

An exhibition to raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation.

Large Acrylic Abstract

Bids are invited for this 5ft x 4ft large abstract acrylic painting on canvas by Lynne Warburton, a Grange-over-Sands based artist. Bidding should start in the region of £250

The painting has a 3 dimensional aspect to some of the intrinsic details as can be seen in the video below.


COMMON LAW PRESENTATION – FREE TO ATTEND Donations welcomed to cover speakers travel expenses
DATE: Thursday OCTOBER 29th 2020 TIME: 19.00 VENUE: Ulverston Art House, Lightburn House, Brogden Street, Ulverston, Cumbria. (Entrance is at the rear of the building)
In these difficult and rapidly changing circumstances why not attend and educate yourself on ‘Common Law’? The universal law under which we all stand. 
It will help you to understand: Who you really are at law and who you are not. How Governments only pretend to be in control. Where the fear of authority comes from. Strategies for combating this fear using knowledge of law and how to apply them on the streets. How to engage with the Police and Marshall’s under Common Law. A vital insight into what may be behind the current global situation.